Craftily Prepared.
Slow Dried To Perfection.

Best Served Over Campfire

Spicy Salmon Jerky

Premium Jerky

Craftily Prepared and Slow-Dried To Perfection


Stay Healthy. Stay Energized.

It's Time to Raise Your Standards.

Bringing New Innovation To an Age-Old Tradition

The strive for quality in our jerky is what has led us to take innovative, if not revolutionary measures in our prepardness techniques.

From the hand selection and cutting of our meats, to the in-house recipes we create ensures that we bring you a new experience and showcases how we believe jerky should be made; Craftily Prepared and Slow-Dried to Perfection.

From the people
From the people
If you like jerky- this is the place to get it. Tender and flavorful with just the right amount of salt, spices and seasonings.

Cedar Valley Cut's jerky is nothing like the kind you find in your local stores. It's simply 100% better.
— Luke P.
From the people
Absolutely the best jerky around. Taste amazing and is homemade!
— Anthony H.