Spicy Salmon Premium Fish Jerky

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Crafted from premium salmon, our Spicy Salmon Fish Jerky offers a satisfying blend of bold flavor and tender texture. With the perfect amount of spice, this high-quality seafood snack is a delicious source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Satisfy your cravings in a healthy way with our Spicy Salmon Fish Jerky.

This delicious snack may be served cold, at room temperature or as we've found best served over a campfire!

Spice Level
Low | Mild | Medium/Hot | Hot | Extra Hot

Tenderness Level
Very Tender | Tender | Slightly Tender | Tough | Very Tough


Salmon, Soy Sauce, Molasses, Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, Lemon Juice, Ground Black Pepper, Smoke Flavoring, Hot Sauce, CONTAINS: SOY, WHEAT


Storage and Safety Tips

Due to the natural oils found in fish jerky, it does not have as long of a shelf life as beef jerky does. To help keep product freshness; it will be vacuum sealed by us and then placed into a resealable product package.

This is done to increase the shelf life of the jerky; and to reduce the risk of critters sniffing out the jerky while it is in transit during shipping; or waiting for you to pick it up from your mailbox or porch. 

Although refrigeration is not required; it is recommended that this product be stored in its original vacuum sealed packaging and placed in freezer or refrigerator until it is ready for consumption.

Upon opening from its original vacuum sealed packaging, it is intended that the product be transferred into the provided resealable product bag. 

The shelf life after removal from the original vacuum sealed packaging ranges from 2-3 days at room temperature; 3-5 days with proper refrigeration, and 5-10 days if frozen. 

Consumers should inspect product for freshness each time prior to consuming.