Ghost Pepper Premium Beef Jerky


Our Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky is sure to satisfy those who have a love for spicy foods. Packed with intense tongue-searing, eye-watering, and sweat-inducing heat, it is wise to have a drink nearby while enjoying this fiery treat. But be warned, even the most refreshing of liquids may not be of much help...

All of our beef jerky products are made with lean, 100% Angus beef roast that is hand selected, craftily prepared and tenderized before being placed into a marinade consisting of our signature homemade recipes and then slowed-dried to perfection.

Spice Level:
Low | Mild | Medium/Hot | Hot | Extra Hot

Beef, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Hot Sauce. Blended Spices and Peppers. Cracked Black Pepper. CONTAINS: SOY, WHEAT, AND MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF TREE NUTS (COCONUT), EGG, AND MILK

Nutrition Information To Be Determined